Course Review: Live Oak Park, San Antonio, TX


Live Oak park in San Antonio is a fantastic disc golf course.

Live Oak Park in San Antonio is huge.  38 or 42 holes, depending on whom you ask, huge.  That's amazing.  I can personally confirm about 30 of them, having played at least that many (about 40 total, but a few of them twice).  There are few signs or maps directing you around and I found a few holes (the series of alternates around 15) only by chance: I saw some blazers heading back there.

The variety of holes is terrific.  There are some wide open holes with little but "huck it as hard as you can, no risk", fairly open shots that force you to hit a medium-sized hole in a tree curtain -- and land in a small creek if you get wood instead, tunnels, sadistic by-the-water holes (one of which was impossible to duece even though it wasn't more than 240 feet), sadistic by-the-water-down-a-tunnel-ON-A-HILL-on-the-bank-but-only-150-foot holes, something for thumbers, Roc-stars, lefties, you name it.  Even my first triple-mando.  I'm a proponent of just playing par-3's (the final score is what counts after all) but one hole... 20-something... was a double dog-leg finishing up a hill that was the most definite par 4 (5?) I've ever seen.  Not an impossible hole but very difficult to park for a duece, hard enough just to keep it in the farway, which starts up a small incline, fades to the right to a small dell, then up a bigger hill to the hole.  Probably 600 feet total but you are driving over no-man's-land if you go for the duece.  Probably pretty rare, even for top players.

Except for the holes by the water (3-7, I think), there are few places to lose a disc.  I like that.

It IS a park, so you have to watch for picnickers, flag football players, guys on skateboards & bikes on the washouts, etc.  There are at least 18 holes in places where people aren't likely to be, though, if you want privacy.

There aren't many flaws but some of the holes aren't marked well, or are hard to find.  There are signs on some of the teepads, and in general you can find your way around, especially if anyone else is playing the course.  It's not a deal breaker, though.  The park is well-used and probably hard to keep all those signs in the ground and free from vandalism.  Probably also expensive.  There are about 40 holes, after all.  There are so many holes that you could play only this course for a year and it might still not be boring.

One quick story.  One one dog-leg-left hole down a fairly narrow fairway (not really narrow, but there was shule on the sides so you had to hit a fairway), I was watching a buddy tee off and had just opened a bottle of water.  As his shot rocketed down the fairway, I leaned out to watch it and water dribbled from my bottle.  I remember thinking "who is peeing?" and then realized what had happened. The next dude to tee off, though, thought the same thing.  It took him five minutes before he could shoot because he was laughing so hard he almost peed himself.

Really, no one would pee on the tee pad in disc golf, right?